I have always been described as an inquisitive and creative child. So, I grew up into that definition and decided to follow my passion.


While studying Arts in Cuenca, I lived in Bologna, Italy, for six months. During that time I learn about fashion design and my artistic language got more experimental, abstract and colourful. Once I finished my career, I moved to London for two years where I had the chance to exhibit in galleries and had my own stall at Spitafield Market.


My technique is all about colour, memories and our emotional baggage. I enjoy creating surrealist, dream-like landscapes that face nostalgia, childhood memories and chaos. Bright splashes of colour, probably pointing to my Spanish heritage. Blurry forms from the edge of memory, flavoured with details.


My inspirations starts with Salvador DalĂ­, Henri Matisse, Gao Xingjian and Giorgio di Chirico. They seem to show through their artwork that art is, overall, an expression of our own mind and an endless communication exercise. 


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